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January 22 2011

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January 12 2011


Twitter and Life

I started using Twitter a year ago, mainly to share my activities with people. It started off that way, and now it has progressed beyond all of my expectations.

Twitter is not just a platform on which you tell the world of what happens within your life. Though many first-time users begin that way, I've found that Twitter is a medium of personal and social transformation which can be quantified and tracked.

For me, it has become a combination of marketing platform, social responsibility and individual enjoyment. Using tweets, people have generated support for the causes they love, promoted their own work and gotten vita tidbits of info they need in real time.

In my own experience, Twitter became a veritable fountain of information and news, trivia and people of interest. Also, it became a way for me to get close to the causes I cared about, specifically my beloved IS Foundation.

It has also become a living community of people with shared as well as differing interests, encouraging real-time conversations among individuals and groups. Because of this, you have a greater potential to make an impact in your life and the life of others around you.

Twitter is no longer just a sharing platform, but has now become a medium of growth and positive impact across the entire Twitterverse. It is now a way to connect and share, to engage in meaningful conversations and to find like-minded people who share your interests. 

The Twitterverse is a reflection of society and what matters to people across the globe. For this reason, it is not only a social network, but a way to change the world. Twitter doesn't just share lives, it changes them.

January 05 2011


My Website

Please visit my site for updates on my book launches and signings, as well as to get to know my work and what I support.

December 29 2010

The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.
— Moulin Rouge
Deprive a man then, of his dignity and he becomes a corpse, and he who seeks activity in a corpse will encounter only worms.
— Dr. Jose Rizal

December 27 2010

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This image is giving me more peace in just this moment than a lifetime's worth of bickering about how to be peaceful.
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I am already lost and do not ever want to be found.
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Sometimes illusions can provide a beautiful contrast from the grim darkness of reality.
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I am loving this picture. It is beyond awesome.
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December 24 2010

I think the fundamental nature of humanity is gentleness and compassion.
— The Dalai Lama

Barney being awesome!

This is an epic video, you guys. Darn it, Neil Patrick Harris just made my Christmas!

My Twitter

Check out my Twitter account, tweetpeeps! Get regular updates on my life, my passions and all the crazy things I get into.

Food Review for Penne ala Diavolo

Darn hot pasta from one of the Italian restaurants in Makati City. They call it diavolo because it's totally spiked with chili pepper. However, the shrimp was good and the pasta was cooked just right. It was a very good restaurant dish, with the right hint of spice. Still, it sort of overwhelms you when you eat it quickly, but that's nothing a glass of their lemonade won't solve.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation

This is one of the foundations, no, screw that. This is the only foundation close to my heart. Sure, I work for others, but I live for this one.
Last night I woke up under the stars. Where the hell is the ceiling?
— Bea Kylene Jumarang
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